Play is a vital part of human life. It is multifaceted and so hard to define, describe and or control. We just do it.

Apparently it is purposeless (done for its own sake), but it is also purposeful, serious, voluntary  and spontanious.

It is unconditional, has an inherent attraction, provides us freedom of time, we experience diminished conscious of self

(in state of flow), has improvisational potential and provides continuation desire.  (Insp. Stuart Brown 2009)

Learning, widely understood, is the most important by-product of play.

The LEGO Serious Play method scientifically

helps to improve learning processes, perception and memory.


The core:, 

  • Questions and clear identification
  • Build in 3D, `hands on`, sense, time to think, listen and argue
  • Share ideas
  • Reflect and proflect


We avoid folly traps in having:

  • 20 – 80 meetings, classical brainstorm and group thinking
  • Communication `in the clouds` and in 2D only
  • Believe all think, see and hear the same and don’t take advantage of diversity
  • Don’t take advantage of our natural way of perceiving and learning

Imagination: The ability to bring to mind events and ideas that are not present to our senses.

Creativity: The process of having original ideas that have value. (Human, social, nature and the world)

Innovation: The process of putting original ideas into practice.