Why Play?



Play serves creativity, our wondering and imagination while developing our (fine)motor skills and physical, cognitive and emotional strength. In communities we are more safe and secure, when we provide space for play, reflexivity, caring and sharing.

Therefore schools today needs to be transformed into and revitalizing the soul of playfulness, philosophical

and independent thinking and creativity to develop societies and cultures and preserve nature.

A call which obliges us to explore what is at stake, how values given substance and kept alive nationwide around the world.

Question - Build - Share - Reflect

From what to why to how..wondering

What is a good life?                                         

What is “bildung” (german)?                       

Why do we go to school?

Why do we need democracy?

How could school be without bullying?

How would the world be without greed?

How could we prevent the climate change?

How do we play emergence for freedom, equality and justice?

Our children and grandchildren are impatiently waiting for

more ethical reflections and decision-making.

This in many areas and at all levels nationwide around the world recognizing the global need to reaching out for a sustainable future, pursuing democratic principles and ethical values.

By raising play to the status it deserves we can help making the world into a better place.

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is a tool to pursue building a better future..

Love - Kindness - Revenge – Justice – Egality – Hate - Freedom – Belief –  Friendship - Power - Death - Honesty - Fairness - Loyalty – Courage – Sharing - Generosity - Happiness – Passion

Values ("what matters ethically") - Purpose - Philosophy - Moral - Climate -Critical Thinking - Respect - Law and Order – Secularity - (Global) Citizenship - Emotions - Greed - Ignorance - Common Sense - Hybris - Community - Sustainability - Well-Being - Knowledge – UN. Children's` Rights` –  Enlightenment – Art – Music – Dance – Family - Having a Voice – Play – Rules – Soul – Faith - Corruption – Enemy - Talented - Gifted - Fights/(Cyper)Bullying – War – Wisdom - Money – Helping – Balance - Gluttony - Fear – Identity - Feelings – Experiences – Sport – Right or Wrong – Truth or False – Opening doors – Lie – Cheat – Chain – Poor – Poverty – Nature – Play Skills – Fun – Together/Strong – Diversity – Ideology – Food – Water –

Forms of play are able to help us sharpening our critical and reflective thinking, which is a crucial part of our lifelong practicing, practicing and practicing to be, behave socially and act ethically.

Proably one of the best defenses against thought-control, oppression and an intrusive teaching and learning tyranny.


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